A coalition of quality consultants, small business owners and micropreneurs with a passion to collaborate
and a history of outstanding client satisfaction.

Businesses can struggle to find reputable consultants to partner with and in turn those reputable consultants can find it difficult to maintain a strong list of referrals to provide clients when requested services fall out of their scope. Our collaborative environment is the solution!

The Collaborative Coalition provides businesses quality professionals to partner with to meet their business needs while providing our small, mirco and solopreneur members with many benefits.

In a time where small, micro and even solopreneur businesses continue to expand there is an
ever-growing need for a supportive environment for business owners. The Coalition believes that businesses will grow and even thrive when the business owner is in a supportive and collaborative environment.

It is because of this belief that we provide a platform for collaboration and strategic alliances through cluster groups, business resource webinars, national advertising and resource sharing.​
Searching for a CRM consultant, a business coach or InDesign expert? We have prevetted, quality professionals ready to help you!
Are you a quality small, micro and even solopreneur business looking for a collaboritve environment to create strategic alliances?
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